Welcome to Ellenbrook Pilates

Welcome to Ellenbrook Pilates

Sana by Ellenbrook Pilates

Sana is the home of Ellenbrook Pilates, but offers much more than Pilates.

Hosting Ellenbrook’s first and only Pilates Reformer Studio and a fully equipped Gymnasium, we offer small group training in a broad range of classes as well as individual fitness programs.

Born out of Ellenbrook Physiotherapy, Sana offers functional fitness solutions with our unique approach to managing injury and optimising life performance.

Powerful exercise programs created by Physio, designed for your life.

Sana by Ellenbrook Pilates

Our Studio

Our boutique studio is like no other exercise space you’ve experienced before. It is Ellenbrook’s first and only Pilates Reformer Studio but our space also allows a fusion of different movement disciplines to encompass all the fundamentals of fitness;
Mobility, Stability, Strength, Power, Energy, Mindfulness.

We offer Pilates integrated into small group training, plus more. Classes also include Yoga, Barre, Powerband, Strength Circuits, Mobilise and Release and a fusion of all of the above.

Lead a busy life? We understand. Perform your individual exercise program within the sanctuary of our boutique studio with independent access at a time that suits your lifestyle.

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Our Tools

Our Tools

Our tools are Pilates, Yoga, Powerbands, Strength training, Suspension training.
At Ellenbrook Pilates you will find classical movement practices blended with cutting edge sports medicine.

Our programs are orientated around performance. Performance for Life.
Mobility for life. Strength for life. Stability for life. Power for life. Energy for life.

Driven by a desire to deliver sustainable exercise programs partnered with practical lifestyle wisdom. Ellenbrook Pilates employs a wholistic approach applied to the Mind and Body.

Our system of  lifestyle education allows you to identify and improve all aspects of health. This may include addressing sleep, stress, workplace ergonomics, relaxation and more.

We also partner with Pink Salt Wholefoods Cafe to honour the time  proven strategy of Diet and Exercise. We fuse Food with Fitness to yield maximum impact.

Ellenbrook Pilates delivers complete and balanced fitness solutions.

Free Orientation Reformer Pilates Class!

Our Difference

Our Difference

At Ellenbrook Pilates, Our Programs are

Personal. Created by Physio. Designed for your life.

Functional. Individual programs and classes will be practical and relevant to your lifestyle.

Empowering. We strive to teach the mind as we train the body. Wisdom partnering Action.

Unique. Have access to equipment and movement practices you won’t find in a typical gym.

Portable. Carry your individual and class programs with you on your smart phone.

Accessible. Enjoy independent access to our movement studio to perform programs.

Affordable. Health Insurance Rebates can significantly reduce the cost of our programs.

Enjoyable. Have access to small group training with our discounted classes. Join our tribe.

At Ellenbrook Pilates we will work with you to get you “fit for life”.

Get in Touch

We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us via phone, email or by using the contact form below.

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08 9297 1188

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2/150 Coolamon Blvd
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